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Hello world!

Hello world!

I’ve decided to start this blog to share my thoughts on Photography art but most of all to share my photographs taken with the iPhone. I’ve always liked photography but I never had the chance to be able to take photos, because I’ve never had a camera, not at least until now. I do not own a professional camera that most professional photographers use to capture beautiful moments, but I do own an iPhone with a camera and an editing imaging software along with some good applications from the iPhone app store.

Here I will be publishing my photographs, at least the ones that fall into the awesome or cool category. I am very fascinated with B&W so you will be seeing lots of black and white images. I might also post some pictures of drawings, paintings, etc. But I will try to maintain this blog photography based. I will start posting as soon as I get good signal from my phone service provider because of having a crappy service provider, probably worst than Metro PCS***t. But I am sure I will get good signal and post! Meanwhile I will not think about the problem and go out to capture iPhotos!

Oh by the way, I’d like to get  know photographers from around the world so make sure to ask questions, I love when people ask me questions, it can be about anything so don’t feel shy to ask what you would like to know about me, I believe that that’s how we can get to know each better.

have an absolutely freaking amazing hell of a day!